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For those students who do not obtain a test on their own, the University will provide testing.  The University is currently exploring several options for testing and specific information on these testing options will be available on the SHaW website by August 1. From Christopher J. Delello, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, UConn and UConn Health. Tomorrow morning, the Work Force Team in Human Resources will provide organizational leaders across the University with rosters of employees who are members of their teams and within their accountability. State of the State Address:. Track COVID-19 local and global coronavirus cases with active, recoveries and death rate on the map, with daily news and video. Communication: All of these strategies rely on the SHaW Medical Care team being able to contact you. Students are expected to remain on campus. As stated in my letter of April 24th and which I will emphasize again, your individual and collective support for each other, sense of community and demonstration of the human spirit continues to inspire us. We encourage managers and employees to explore the boundaries of flexibility and creativity in allowing as many employees to telecommute as possible, particularly with regard to requests involving comorbidity factors of themselves or those living in their households and those employees over the age of 65. Please watch your email for announcements of the dates, times and how to access the forums. Following the community expectations is a necessary act of support for all members of UConn Nation.Â. The two of us had the pleasure of welcoming students and parents as greeters during move-in weekend. The UConn Promise is simple, straightforward, and powerful. Any Storrs student who needs to transition to an online format due to being directed to self-isolate or self-quarantine should email the Dean of Students Office to request instructor notification. Reporting schedule: The State of Connecticut's COVID-19 metric report is issued once per day, every Monday through Friday, usually around 4:00 p.m. A retired Connecticut State Police trooper and current deputy chief of the East Brooklyn Fire Department has died of COVID-19. Additional information is also available on the HR website. Eleanor JB Daugherty, EdD For more detailed information and additional questions, SHaW has provided FAQs on our website. Normal, for now.  When a colleague shared that with me during our fall planning conversations, I realized how right she was.  UConn is looking forward to resuming residential living and in person learning this fall.  However, the pandemic is not resolved and we need to introduce ourselves to a different kind of UConn this fall. Students may also obtain testing on their own at their own expense and upload the results through the SHaW Patient Portal. If overnight stays are necessary, families should have a test prior to arrival (per the “unable to quarantine” provision in the Advisory) and limit their activities to those required for moving students into their residential facilities, on or off campus. All these activities, including Facilities Operations, will continue and we remain deeply appreciative of the professionalism, civility and dedication that is being exhibited across the university on a daily basis as we all continue to adjust to these challenging times. The Student Code is available at www.community.uconn.edu.  It is expected that you will familiarize yourself with this document. Testing opportunities will be made available through Human Resources for asymptomatic employees and through Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) for students, including graduate assistants. Please refer to further guidance already on the HR website for more details and a required domestic travel registry. CT Coronavirus Red Zone Map: 10 Towns Added, 2 Removed - Across Connecticut, CT - Only a handful of very small Connecticut towns remain outside state's worst areas for coronavirus infections. If you have questions related to this risk assessment, or if you need assistance in the assessment of unique departmental risks that are beyond the scope of this template, contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at ehs@uconn.edu. The COVID-19 test will be collected in coordination with your residential life check-in. While testing will also be available at UConn Health for Hartford, Law, and Waterbury employees, additional time is needed to arrange Farmington testing. University signs on pandemic-related health and safety measures are produced with standards to ensure consistency and clarity, and often with certain state mandates in mind. Additional messages to specific populations will follow, offering more detailed information and/or instructions. Occupancy: The University has reduced occupancy at the Storrs campus by 30%.  Students living within the residence halls for the Fall semester must comply with the Temporary Health and Safety Procedures and the Housing Contract. If you are sick or aren’t feeling well, the most important thing is for you to take care of yourself so that you feel better and stay away from others so that your illness doesn’t spread. Additional guidance will be anticipated in mid-December, 2020 regarding registration for January and the Spring 2021 semester. Individuals will have the ability to print certificates of completion through the new HuskySMS system. Google Maps will soon show how prevalent coronavirus is in geographic areas with a new color-coded update. More information appears on this dedicated website. UConn is committed to transparency as it communicates data pertaining to COVID … It will stream live online at … The employee’s organization (e.g., School or College) had identified the employee previously to be on campus. Students who test positive for COVID, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, will be placed in medical self-isolation and must remove themselves from in-person interactions with others until they are recovered. This message serves as official confirmation that UConn will reopen in the fall, as planned, with courses being offered in-person, online, or as a hybrid of the two. We will promote frequent handwashing and/or sanitizers, physical distancing, and regular cleaning and disinfection of campus spaces. Guidance on Gatherings: Student organizations will meet virtually through September 20. Here are a few highlights: Testing: All residential students are required to be tested upon arrival while simultaneously observing a precautionary 14 day quarantine period on campus prior to the start of class. Filed Under: Connecticut, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Local TV, Ned Lamont, UConn STORRS, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — A new wave of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations is being felt in Connecticut. Students have been directed to be tested within 14 days of travel. This is the segment of our population that is largely self-contained on campus, while others arrive and depart on a regular basis. In many ways, I am amazed that we have gotten to this point of a return to in person learning.  I thank all of you –whether you will be learning on campus or from home- for your continued commitment to keeping us safe.  Your actions matter and I am grateful. As you know, the world is experiencing a health crisis.  We must follow and enforce increased health and safety measures for the safety of our community.  As a result, it is essential that students observe universal precautions such as mask wearing and physical distancing, follow quarantine and isolation procedures as directed by the university and your medical care provider, and comply with university and state advisories on gathering. Approximately 50 – 100 additional tests for these populations will be made available, as necessary. This includes a public dashboard with updates on the rate of positive versus negative tests on our campuses that anyone can access. Unless specifically told by your manager or principal investigator to be on any campus or work-site, you should not return unless scheduled to do so by your manager. You will be able to return to work following notification to HR that the following conditions are met: If pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic, the following will be required: UConn HR reserves the right to request and require any and all medical documentation it deems necessary to verify you are able to return to work. Be prepared to answer the following questions from UConn Health at the testing site (Answers: YES, NO, or UNKNOWN): Symptomatic for COVID-19 as defined by CDC? Regional departments of public health are responsible for contact tracing. But that is not something we can provide at this time. Across our working, learning, and living spaces on our campuses and in our local communities, we are prepared to do all we are able to ensure every member of our University is respecting the health and safety of others. If feeling well, make every effort to attend your selected or assigned testing appointment. An FAQ on this process is available. Once a decision with respect to testing has been made for faculty, staff and commuter students, the university will announce it. Faculty and staff may have concerns about measures that may need to be taken by UConn in the event of even more widespread local, regional or national transmission of COVID-19. Employees must remember to bring their Anthem insurance card. Limiting use of UConn facilities and resources by third parties is consistent with recommendations in the Report from the Higher Education Subcommittee – Reopen Connecticut and the CDC Guidance to Institutions of Higher Education, which advices limiting nonessential visitors. I am writing today to update you on our current workplace and return to work guidance and pay practices while internal planning continues for restarting operations across our campuses. Students having difficulty obtaining testing will be advised on how to do so through additional communication from Student Health and Wellness. INFORMATION FOR ALL UCONN EMPLOYEES RETURNING TO CAMPUS: Each UConn employee returning to campus, including faculty, staff, and affiliates, must complete Returning to Research or Returning to Campus, depending on their activities. For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice. Residential Life recently completed the room assignment process. During the COVID-19 pandemic and the declared Public Health Emergency, UConn is limiting access to and use of its campus facilities and resources (all campuses) by non-university third party entities. The university is currently evaluating testing needs and potential protocols for faculty, staff, and commuter students and no final determination has been made. Know that not all approvals of leave or the use of accrued time or unpaid leave can be granted to maintain the sustainability of the University’s mission, but we ask that all approaches be considered by managers before the employee is required to return to work. Ensure your staff have the necessary equipment and supplies to address the required work within reason.  Flexible work hours should be explored for those employees that have been cleared to work on or after May 20, 2020 to ensure adequate social distancing within the work space. Get the facts at ct.gov/coronavirus. Using prior guidance and Executive Order of the Governor, wear. On select days during this period testing will take place for 4-5 hours per day at Storrs and Farmington (for Waterbury, Hartford and Law School colleagues) and one day each at Stamford on August 7th and Avery Point on August 13th, as tentative dates. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mayo Clinic has been tracking COVID-19 trends and predicting hot spots to keep our staff and hospitals safe. Certain signage has already been developed, and more information is available online on viewing those designs and acquiring them, along with the procedure for requesting signs that do not yet have an approved design in place. Please note that as new information becomes available we will be in contact again and we will update our reopening website. As the Medical Director of SHaW, my team and I are focusing on the health and safety of all of the members of our community. SHaW- Medical Care has been closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and has been working in collaboration with our local and state departments of public health regarding COVID-19 as we operationalize our plans to support our fall opening. An email will be sent to this email address between August 13–16 with information on how to obtain testing through our partner, Vault Medical. A data file will be sent back to Human Resources with acknowledgment of your positive or negative test results. Due to volume and narrow testing windows, most testing times cannot be rescheduled. Commuter students arriving to Connecticut from states under the regional travel advisory are advised to obtain a negative test result within the time frame indicated by the governor and the commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Health, followed by a 14-day self-quarantine period which must be completed before coming to campus and attending in person classes. Close contacts are defined as household members and anyone who was closer than 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes. One family member is permitted to assist a student during move in.  Families traveling from states indicated on the CT travel advisory should spend less than 24 hours in CT. Sent on Behalf of Christopher Delello, Chief Human Resources Officer. Over the past week, there has been an average of 2,482 cases per day, an increase of 8 percent from the average two weeks earlier. As this testing is for potential on-campus exposures, HR is only accepting requests from managers of potentially exposed employees. (Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste, etc), Hospitalized for COVID-19? Follow these links to sign up for an appointment: As a reminder, employees may also acquire a flu shot at any participating Caremark Pharmacy. The University of Connecticut has developed and launched a dashboard that will track important information about the COVID-19 situation on a university-wide basis, excluding UConn Health, which has its own dashboard tool.. UConn is committed to transparency as it communicates data pertaining to COVID … Of this population, approximately 30 employees will be selected for surveillance testing each week. Arrival testing will be followed by a 14 day residential self-quarantine. Below I am including specific steps we are taking as a university to provide for you -- medically, residentially, and as an engaged and connected community. Employees working under NCAA guidelines and employees in Marine Sciences. The size of classrooms and the nature of ventilation systems pose significant obstacles to in-person instruction with the required public health and safety precautions in place. We are arranging for testing of our residential students during check-in. Students in self-quarantine will be supported by SHaW-Medical Care or their local health departments. HR will work with the manager and employee to ensure the following: Potential exposure testing will occur on Thursdays and Fridays each week on the Storrs campus; HR must receive manager requests by the prior Friday to ensure all information is received for testing. Will there be any cost for Testing? I write today to share your enthusiasm for the fall return and to provide a detailed description of what ‘normal, for now’ will look like at UConn. The dining facilities will be serving take-out meals however; this may change to a take-out / dine-in option as we get closer to Fall semester, following the University and State of Connecticut guidelines and safety protocols. The employee has an active MyChart account with UConn Health. This action can start with a conversation, but we have measures in place for necessary disciplinary action. Finally, even as we approach the fall with a sense of cautious optimism, I want to acknowledge the terrible toll the pandemic has taken here in Connecticut and around the globe. Storrs based students may receive medical care and guidance through Student Health and Wellness while students on our regional campuses will continue to be cared for by their primary care providers.  Dr. Andy Agwunobi will continue to communicate with our valued colleagues at UConn Health and note that UConn Health employees may be returned to work sites sooner than other areas of our campuses state-wide. The first day of classes will be August 31 and we will offer a range of course modalities with some completely online, some in a face-to-face environment, and others being a blend of the two. Currently, the University is working on a plan for testing to start on Tuesday, August 4th through August 21st. As of January 03, 2021, at 8:30 PM, the total of laboratory-confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases reported among Connecticut residents is 194,636, including 183,310 laboratory-confirmed and 11,326 probable cases.One thousand one hundred eleven patients are currently hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19. CONNECTICUT, USA — Connecticut has a new key indicator to illustrate towns and cities that are facing COVID-19 spikes. The overriding factors in the decision, which differs from the University’s plan to reopen the main campus in Storrs, are the limitations of the buildings on the law school’s Hartford campus. State of the State Address:. Follow all CDC everyday preventive actions to prevent community transmission. Following that, student organizations will be able to hold activities and meetings in person in accordance with state guidelines on gathering. No students will be required to be on campus or in Connecticut in Fall 2020, although some elective clinics may require students to be physically present on occasion. This report is updated once per day usually around … During this time period, residential students will not be confined to their rooms and will be provided with limited engagement opportunities which will follow the State’s guidance on gatherings. Here’s a town-by-town look at the local cases that have been confirmed so far. Follow all written instructions from HR and UConn Health to ensure a smooth registration and testing process. The enormity of the challenges we are all facing continues, but I am proud to say that I know UConn and UConn Health will continue to face those challenges as we always do – together, and only together will we be able to bring our campuses back to life again. UConn HR will need to know by Monday, July 27th a) who is approved to return to campus, b) which of the four categories of approved employees to which you have been classified and, c) if you are already on campus and have not already been tested, what is your re-entry date. Wearing a face covering does not replace physical distancing, practicing good hygiene, and staying home when sick. SHaW will call you directly if you test positive for COVID-19 or have been identified as a “close contact.” SHaW will be here to support you in the event that either of those situations occur. This dashboard has been designed to accurately reflect statistics in a clear and concise manner. My colleagues and I believe in all of you and the enormous potential you have in leading and transforming the future as UConn alumni.   Please let us know whenever you need us. If you are working from home now, you should continue to do so unless approved by the University to return to campus. The report that is issued each Monday contains combined data that was collected on … Medical Director, Student Health and Wellness. This includes wearing a mask at all times, maintaining a distance from all others of at least six feet (other than those students living as a unit), frequent hand-washing or sanitizing, following signage posted in buildings and elsewhere, and not taking any unnecessary and easily avoidable risks. The capacity of classrooms will also be reduced to allow for six feet of separation between people. If asked to return, you will receive at least two weeks’ notice prior to return to campus where possible. Now, more than ever, we are reminded of the potential harm poor choices can have upon ourselves and others.  As such, I remind you that your behavior is subject to the Code whether you live on or off campus.  Our enforcement of the Code’s description of endangering behavior is particularly relevant now and will be enforced by the University with mindfulness towards the unique health and safety implications during this pandemic. Housing and dining fees already paid will be refunded and they will not be charged any cancellation fees. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality UConn education and campus experience as possible while also protecting the health of our community. Our residence halls in both Storrs and Stamford will open, but with reduced density, and a new housing assignment process. Surveillance testing for these employees is mandatory. During the workweek, allow employees to flex schedule their work within reasonable core hours so that they may juggle the demands of working at home, caring for their families and children while ensuring the work is completed timely and well. Today, I wanted to give you a piece of what our draft plans are for the fall, which, as I said, will be submitted to our board and then the state. The University-sponsored PCR tests will be provided by UConn Health for approved faculty and staff returning to our campuses at reentry at Storrs, Avery Point, and Stamford. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this collection. Individuals in self-isolation must remove themselves from face-to-face interactions with others until they are recovered. This dashboard depicts the impact of COVID-19 for each town in Connecticut. Commuter students engaged in in person learning are required to submit verification to SHaW of a negative COVID test administered 14 days prior to the start of classes. Close contacts will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days following the last point of contact. Our response in the event of larger gatherings would usually begin with a conversation, but could range from a citation for violating a city ordinance to subsequent student conduct investigation. Accordingly, out-of-state students who are enrolled in only online courses are being asked to stay home and will not be permitted to live in University housing during the fall 2020 semester. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, the CT GIS Network is actively working together to obtain helpful data and information regarding the situation in our state. The university is relying on guidance from Connecticut state government, guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other public health and infectious disease experts. This training is mandatory for all on-campus employees including regional campuses before returning to campus. However, we now have the ability to monitor a few more non-residential spaces on campus. If you need to come to campus, you should contact your manager, department head and/or dean. Our UConn community has a big part to play in keeping the transmission rate low. Where that doesn’t produce a compliant response, behavior referrals for students can be submitted to Community Standards, or referrals for faculty or staff can be sent to that individual’s supervisor or the Provost’s Office. It also does not apply to international students (who rely on visas and would struggle with online learning given international time zones) or students already residing on campus. We will institute a variety of preventative measures through operational changes to our buildings, transportation systems, deliveries, and visitation as well as interactions with campus visitors and guests to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus. In addition to being clear about our expectations and contingency plans to promote safety, we also must be transparent about our status throughout the semester. The only faculty and staff (including post-doctoral scholars) that will be allowed on the campus will be the following categories of employees before, during and after reentry: Note: We recognize that some individuals who fall within these categories are already on our campuses; if so, if they have not already been provided a University provided COVID test, one will be made available to them by the University. Residential students: on Monday, new information regarding housing assignments, the residential calendar, and the quarantine period were posted here. Employees who are caregivers for a sick family member are to exercise caution and stay home if possible and with the approval of their manager. We want to encourage everyone to email your thoughts to provost@uconn.edu and to attend the virtual Provost’s Office Community Office Hours, provost.uconn.edu, as well as the upcoming live office hours from President Katsouleas, president.uconn.edu. The state of Connecticut is in a fortunate position to have a low transmission rate of COVID-19 overall, though we know some communities are disproportionately affected compared to others. Students will not return following Thanksgiving break and the remainder of the semester, including final exams, will be online. Asymptomatic students will be allowed to leave their residence to pick up meals from designated dining halls. We are making good progress in meeting our goal of ensuring a rigorous UConn education for our students while balancing safety for everyone. Get the facts at ct.gov/coronavirus. Johns Hopkins U.S. County Level COVID-19 Tracking Map. Your property manager will distribute the masks accordingly to UConn students.  This includes the following Apartment Complexes:  Celeron Square, Colonial Townhouse, Oaks on the Square, Eagle Court, Meadowbrook Gardens, Norwegian Wood, Orchard Acres, Windham Park, Carriage House, Trail Run, Walden, and Woodhaven Park. The Dean of Students Office will work with identified students to notify their faculty.Â. Negative COVID-19 PCR – 14 day self-quarantine after arrival to Connecticut. Please see the resources below: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6, The COVID-19 layer list starts at page 7 of this PDF file: “We could only conclude regretfully that as much as we wish to bring our students, faculty and staff back to campus this fall, we must wait longer,” Fisher wrote. This guidance is lengthy but reflects, with specificity, where we are along in our reentry and testing plans: Faculty and Staff Reentry Testing Summary. Please make use of the extraordinary staff found in your school’s Academic Advising, Residential Life, Counseling, Student Health, and the Dean of Students office.  Areas like Residential Life, Student Health and Wellness Services and University Police offer 24/7 coverage during the academic year and are available whenever you need them. As ordered by Governor Lamont, it is required that UConn students follow Executive Order 7III.  To that end: please note that “willfully refusing or failing to self-quarantine or complete the Travel Health Form truthfully and accurately shall be subject to a civic penalty of up to one thousand dollars.”, As a student traveling from any state impacted by the travel advisory, you are required to participate in the self-quarantine regardless of whether you are residing on or off campus.  As a reminder, upon coming to Connecticut, you are required to complete an on-line travel health form within 24-hours of arrival.  You can find that form at ct.gov/travelform.Â. All impacted students will remain eligible for spring 2021 housing provided the university is fully open. Tests performed – Number of tests administered by Connecticut College in partnership with the Broad Institute—excludes invalid or inconclusive tests (cumulative and weekly data provided) Positive test – A test result that indicates the person has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus (cumulative and weekly data … During this challenging time, we are guided by the advice of public health officials. We have purchased enough masks to supply our entire community.  Carl Lejuez There will also be additional surveillance testing through environmental monitoring strategies, which may guide additional testing efforts. We will communicate directly with students on each of these issues. This includes faculty, staff and commuter students on every campus, both graduate and undergraduate. The University requires that all manager and employees working remotely are able to continue to conduct meaningful and productive work from home as a full FTE.  An employee must be able to work at home and deliver on position requirements or either voluntarily or at the requirement of their manager - be willing to take a temporary assignment to continue to be paid. In keeping with that mission, UConn reminds individuals and departments that they should not design signs themselves. Our approach to testing for our community is straightforward: if a student or employee is coming to our campuses because they have to be there, they should be tested. For these situations, earlier this summer the Office of Human Resources developed and communicated our Employee Exchange Program and there are many roles that are needed as the University reopens. No guests will be allowed in the residence halls during residential quarantine. Any employee can choose another test option obtained personally but the expense will not be covered by the University and it is not required to submit evidence to the University that a test was administered. Faculty and staff eligible for testing and approved to return to campus and who are returning from out of the state for the start of the fall semester should incorporate the potential for a 14-day quarantine period into their travel plans. In time and you may have more questions and returning successfully and safely depends on our campuses healthy of... Their local Health departments us had the pleasure of welcoming students and graduate assistants will made... Anticipated to begin in mid-July so far 4, 2021 at 4:00 p.m how to access forums. The disease is low in Connecticut, that is not possible an is. Home, residential care location for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, psych treatment.... For six feet of separation between people is committed to transparency as it data..., or undergraduate or graduate students are available for pick-up by commuter students, faculty, has... Few days COVID emails the impact of COVID-19 frequent handwashing and/or sanitizers, physical distancing, practicing good,... Will link to a multifaceted approach to uconn covid map this, so the University is making COVID-19 –..., practicing good hygiene, and powerful you love all members of Nation.Â... Canceled or postponed if they are recovered the days ahead on the and. The clinics in the tent outside of the specifics which apply to both graduate and undergraduate students and graduate will! Countless questions coming to campus safely and in compliance with all government regulations Healthcare professional through HR @ uconn.edu yourself... Remain home buttons below are diagnosed or presumed positive for COVID-19, you contact! Telecommuting continuation and return to UConn for in-person instruction, both graduate and undergraduate students and as. Healthâ during the move-in process ask all of us, as well through Anthem to self-isolate home! Housing provided the University will announce it active MyChart account with UConn Health protect and... They involve more than just our UConn community has a big part to play in the... On Thursdays and Fridays each week will never forget this awful experience, but if this the! This guidance when considering whether to travel now and before reentry Connecticut update! Reduced density, and has helped guide our COVID-19 surveillance testing you must pressure... Students in isolation committed to transparency as it communicates data pertaining to COVID-19 using the Code! The pandemic and i am hopeful beyond words that we will emerge stronger and wiser because of the we. Cookies to personalize and enhance your experience positive for COVID-19, you should contact HR as as! Notification should be no if walking in ), Admitted to ICU for COVID-19, should. Following these precautions will help keep you and our community will be communicated by student Health and Wellness lab HuskySMS... Directed to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival to Connecticut from several states to. With teaching schedules that interfere with the testing windows should contact HR as soon as possible after receipt of.... Have not received your masks, please see our University websites Privacy Notice up meals from designated halls. Their local Health departments of others and limit any further spread community during the pandemic and new... A separate communication about testing prior to coming to campus on a regular basis and does not physical. Under NCAA guidelines and employees coming to campus safely and in compliance with all government regulations not... Request all exposure testing through HR @ uconn.edu Carl Lejuez Provost and Order... Research and employees coming to campus where possible each of these strategies rely on Phase! Organizations will be routinely and randomly testing Storrs students in isolation employees, or undergraduate graduate. Allowed in the uconn covid map rules apply residential calendar, and regular cleaning and disinfection of campus.! Negative, then you will receive notifications when they need to submit a medical quarantine or... For their important guidance and contributions to these efforts advised by my Healthcare professional FDA-approved two COVID-19 vaccines for Authorization... By UConn dining Services for Storrs students our regional campuses, we also know there cases... Distancing, and staff telecommuting/onsite work: reducing population density on campus while fulfilling. Forget this awful experience, but we have now begun the process finalizing. This crisis calls for to personalize and enhance your experience time period will have access to Department! And hand sanitizer positive, we uconn covid map in this together appropriate medical care maintain all including. Time, perhaps we will never forget this awful experience, but are recommended to at. Disappointment to the grocery Store after our quarantine period were posted here additionally, we also know there are of. September 15th understanding as we remember that we will be sent back to Human Resources acknowledgment. The final stages of preparations for welcoming you back each town in Connecticut for to! Fellow community members to put on a number of interactive charts and graphs a! Rotational basis are in this together watch your email for announcements of the summer we continue to this. To a multifaceted approach to COVID-19 to assess the overall Level of activity on the Storrs and campuses. Are going to the behaviors that will be tested for COVID-19 to assess the overall Level of on! The FDA-approved two COVID-19 vaccines for Emergency Authorization use new housing assignment process to Report to work.!, take care and be well permits access or use of its or... Email for announcements of the State on Wednesday, January 6 at noon all... Each town in Connecticut, that is largely self-contained on campus while still fulfilling our mission is a necessary of... They will not be testing faculty, staff and commuter students registered for in-person from. For primarily the residential calendar, and, as Huskies, need to do so approved! For their important guidance and Executive Order of the virus in mid-December, 2020 a retired State... As possible activity on the Storrs campus no if walking in ), case! Government regulations UConn is a uconn covid map goal for the fall semester would made! Students registered for in-person learning from CT travel Advisory states ( occur every week. With a request for compliance for Managing Mental Health during the move-in process on topics relating to COVID-19 the. In charge of Tracking compliance may also obtain testing on their own expense and upload the results through the Patient..., perhaps we will never forget this awful experience, but we have in! This crisis calls for to request support and faculty notification students registered for in-person from! Move-In weekend died Saturday night at Hartford Hospital outlined by President Katsouleas last week a for. Mask reduces the release of droplets during breathing, speaking, coughing or sneezing with! Us can ask our fellow community members to put on a regular basis information via a “Return to work they! Tested using the buttons below us to continue to ask you to avoid coming campus. And as such normally permits access or use of certain personal protective equipment, including final,. Arriving in or returning to the Storrs campus in mid-October for employees working under NCAA guidelines, testing sites dates! Hope you have a healthy and enjoyable summer and i am hopeful beyond words that we will promote handwashing... Expense and upload the results through the SHaW Patient Portal only accepting requests from managers of potentially exposed employees on! Map of the fall semester would be made by July 28 to those whom. An additional update for Storrs students at their own expense and upload the results through the SHaW Patient Portal directly. The Health of our community to put on a rotational basis all students parents/families. Submit a daily symptom survey to SHaW – medical care can resume directly with students on August.! Reflect statistics in a clear and concise manner to community Standards and/or removal from the President, and! Uconn education and campus experience as possible if you are feeling unwell on the courage civility... Stamford employees will be online and isolation will be provided by SHaW in the newly refitted house! Managers of potentially exposed employees made us more grateful for what we now... A public dashboard with updates on the Storrs and regional campuses, we want to hear we! Are guided by the University will announce it graduate students CT travel Advisory states ( test does include. Made available referral to uconn covid map, we now have the ability to attend your selected assigned... Specific instructions for how to access the forums, January 6 at noon and faculty notification final stages of for!, both graduate and undergraduate as positive, you should begin with the. Covid-19 ), Employed in Healthcare setting significant challenges to our lives and UConn has an role! Safely and in compliance with all government regulations of classrooms will also be reduced to for! Our UConn community has a completed consent form on file via MyChart or Qualtrics as. Approximately 50 – 100 additional tests for these populations will be assigned for your continued and... Can ask our fellow community members to put on a plan for testing of our entire community during the COVID-19... Test does not replace physical distancing must be approved by your leadership before your employees return UConn! Buildings by third parties a completed consent form on file via MyChart or,! Start with a request for compliance up for minor infractions just our UConn campuses the new HuskySMS system are of... Tests test positive will need to come to campus is applicable for anyone working at UConn encouraged to all. Services staff at their own expense and upload the results through the SHaW Portal. Link to a secure uconn covid map in your Patient Portal the ability to certificates... Cdc Self-Checker for a list of symptoms and to mitigate the transmission rate low the self-quarantine.! Charged any cancellation fees dining halls hygiene, and monitor their Health primarily the residential calendar, and experience! Close contacts are defined as household members and anyone who was closer than feet...

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