Star Nanotech & Cycle Star

starnanoSTAR NANOTECH: Nanotechnology solutions to energy efficiency and reduction of environmental pollutants

Star Nanotech is a company founded on discoveries of the unique properties of nano materials when used in the design of lubricants. The company is incorporated in Delaware and licensed in North Carolina . Star Nanotech is one of the newest of the one-hundred engineering, science and technology companies located on the Centennial Campus, a research and development park, at NC State University.

Star Nanotech provides nanotechnology solutions to enhance fuel efficiency in vehicles of all sizes, and to reduce carbon and nitrogen in the exhaust emission. We provide a nano oil additive treatment to reduce internal friction and wear by surface hardening and smoothening. A unique combination of nano and microparticle treatment for engines is particularly effective in enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing pollutants in the exhaust emission. These materials are nontoxic and fully compatible with internal surfaces of the engines and piston rings. Our invention is expected to eliminate environmental toxic effects associated with sulphur and phosphorous emissions in current oil additive formulations based upon zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP).

bikeCycle Star is lubricant for bicycle chains. ┬áTests results are pending but we’ve seen for ourselves how it smooths and quiets chain operation.