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Expect a spicy, lemony aroma and a nicely balanced sweet/sour/bitter flavour. Mikkeller have brewed “Drink’in the Sun” at various strengths over the years. A bready, grainy taste of sweet malts and husky corn. However, some tasters found it “too hoppy,” “less beachy,” and not ideal “to drink after sweating” compared to other beers we tasted. Yet, in the United States, non-alcoholic beers can contain up to 0.5% alcohol. With yeasty, malty flavours missing from most AF and NA beers, the aroma and taste also features elderflower, mango, pineapple and lychee along with a balanced acidic tang. The aroma and flavour is quite sweet, with a hint of sourness mixed in with banana, clove and biscuit. It’s ultra-low in calories and sugar too. Hops and hemp feel like natural bedfellows so it’s no surprise to see CBD-infused NA beers coming onto the market. Lively but soft in the mouth, the flavours in this US-style pale also feature tropical fruits. Adnams has finally cracked it with its alcohol-free version of its popular “Ghost Ship” pale ale. Its lightly bitter finish was crisp and refreshing. This is a 0% version of what many think is their version of Stella Artois, “Sainte Etienne”. From London via Bavaria, this hellas-style lager comes in at just 66 calories. At 2.8%, it’s a whole 0.7% weaker than Banks’s Mild and is … The calorie count in beer is dependent upon alcohol levels and sugar/carbohydrate content. Sweet and sour on the nose and in the mouth, expect aromas of mango and lychee and flavours of wheat, lemon and orange. Sign up to get reviews, articles, offers and discounts to your inbox. Lowlander is known for brewing with botanicals like herbs, spices and fruit. All this is supported by a creamy, softly carbonated mouthfeel and light to medium body. With its creamy head and opaque amber colouring, it looks great too. This one features lemon and orange peel discarded by restaurants and bars. O'Doul's Amber Non-Alcoholic Beer - 6pk - 12oz Btls | Curbside Pickup offered in the majority of stores Live life on the mild side with a tipple that's low on ABV but high on flavour. There’s also a gentle carbonation, which will likely appeal to cask ale drinkers and well as those who love a flavourful lager. Despite the low alcohol content, the Bell’s Oarsman Ale is big on flavor. Hopped with the perennial pils favourites, Saaz and Hallertau, Pils is herby and floral. Unusually for a dark ale, there’s tarty lemon flavours in the taste and aroma. The second of Mikkeller’s “Limbo” series, “Limbo Blueberry” packs even more sugar than the raspberry version. Swipe Light emerged a favorite for its simple refreshment. So they’re fine to drink when you’re off the booze and want an alcohol-free life. The raspberries featured heavily in the flavours – obvs – but there’s also a touch of maltiness in the taste and earthiness in the aroma that make this sour a handy variation if you fancy something different to another pale ale or lager. Luckily, the passion fruit shines through making for a refreshing, “grown-up” cocktail-style beer. Non-alcoholic beers have come a long way in the last few years. Harpoon nails the low-alcohol hazy IPA with Rec. Here are the rest of the alcohol-free lagers I’ve reviewed that didn’t make the top 19: Ales are fermented at more ambient temperatures than lagers with yeast that floats at the top of the fermenter. All but three are less caloric than a Miller High Life (141 calories per 12 ounces), and eight fall equal to or under Bud Light’s 110 calories. My only concern would be it goes down a little too easily without the presence of alcohol … All the beers below come in at 0.5% ABV or less and many are completely alcohol free. With a sweet aroma, a luxurious mouthfeel and complex fruity/malty flavour, it’s a cut above the mass-produced alcohol-free lagers that have flooded the market in recent years. 15 Low-Alcohol Beers That Are Big on Taste. “Hazy AF” is Brewdog’s stab at a non-alcoholic New England India pale ale. The alcohol content contributes to the majority of calories in beer and that is why light beers in most cases have a lower alcohol content than full-calorie beers. Using a lazy yeast and malt bill that doesn’t produce much fermentable sugar, it’s naturally low in alcohol from the get go so hasn’t had anything removed post-fermentation. *If you buy something after you visit links marked with *, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s got a light, … The body and flavours aren’t quite as impressive as some of the other beers in this list. ‘Stripped Craft” is a hazy, lime-infused beer from Norway that also boasts aromas and flavours of pine, wheat, pale malts, lemon, grapefruit, grass and caramelised orange. “Hazy IPA” is one of the brewery’s two non-alcoholic brews. on a mission to find the world's best low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers. Plus a lick of grapefruit from Chinook hops. “I would crush this,” one panelist said. One producer that’s boosting NA beer’s health and wellbeing credentials further is Fungtn, with its range of beers brewed with myco adaptogens – medicinal mushrooms. It’s lightly hoppy with pineapple and tropical aromas, and has clementine and tangerine flavors. And while it’s not as good as Brewdog’s best beers, Nanny State is better than most breweries’ alcoholic offerings. But that superb aroma wins the day, especially if you’re after a way to consume CBD without messing around with oils and other products. If you’re in the US, you probably call them “non-alcoholic” or “NA” beers. An American-style wheat beer, Drink’in the Sun showcases the brewery’s own yeast, which is known for its fruity flavours. This Brooklyn-brewed beer is an English-style pale ale with an ABV of 4.5 percent. To determine whether these beers are actually tastier than the macro light lagers and health-conscious options they mimic, we also blind-tasted Michelob Ultra Light and Michelob Ultra Pure Gold. Lyte Fest’s hoppy flavor, medium body, and bitter finish made it one panelist’s favorite. There are session beers, and then there are ultra session beers with ABVs so low, they border on near-beer territory. “Wow, this is good. Initial reactions spanned “smells like college” to having a “salty, pickled” note, but our panel unanimously agreed on one thing: This did not taste like a light beer. Aromas of sweet caramel malts with hints of corn, grain, and adjuncts. VinePair gathered a panel to blind-taste and rank more than 30 beers marketed to consumers as having “healthier” ingredients and calorie counts. One is this non-alcoholic version of the brewery’s “Old Ale”. The foam clings to the side of the glass as you drink, so it looks ace too. But it’s the aroma that takes centre stage, with tropical fruits and pine mixing in with caramel and toffee. With a creamy mouthfeel, people looking for a replacement for traditional-strength beer will like it too. It looks gorgeous once poured too. “This has a floral thing going on,” one panelist said. It has a superb mouthfeel and an aroma that’s loaded with tropical fruits. Big Drop’s Uptown lager doesn’t taste like a typical lager, which isn’t a bad thing. Not your typical beer, but a great drink nonetheless. As such, they’re unsuitable if you’re pregnant or recovering from alcoholism ( 10 ). “It’s very light and herbal, like a hoppy pilsner,” said another. The creamy mouthfeel steals the show. Limbo Raspberry quite high in sugar and calories but it’s a worthwhile treat if you want something a little different from the norm. It’s not overly bitter, so it’s a great thirst-quencher. But this “Toasted Malty Tide” beer is more akin to a traditional English bitter. It also has an impressive body with smooth carbonation. The aroma and flavour is clean and more like a pilsner than a bottom-fermented beer, while there’s low bitterness and only a touch of sourness that sits nicely with its fruity flavours. Big Drop’s experimental head brewer Johnny Clayton has used a few tricks to produce a pale ale that rivals its higher-strength equivalents in taste, aroma and mouthfeel. Light lagers are the most popular beers in the U.S., making up 42.6% of all beers sold in the country, according to the Beverage Information and Insights Group. Brewdog’s first non-alcoholic dark beer is this coffee-infused stout. That beer is cheap beer.Say what you will, but there is no denying that cheap beers serve their purpose. If you want to spend the spring and summer enjoying cold ones without as much alcoholic kick, here are the best low-alcohol beers to sample. But it’s a great option if you’re craving that lager taste without the alcohol. From deepish, darkish Berkshire comes this 0.5% pilsner that’s sure to appeal to serious beer geeks as well as those looking for a replacement for their favourite mainstream lager. While many of the best hard seltzers function most directly as replacements for vodka drinks or light beers, this flavor has more in common with a whiskey ginger or mule. Non-alcoholic “Flat Tire” is a 0.5% ABV version of the higher-strength lager of the same name. A product of Guinness’s experimental Open Gate Brewery, “Pure Brew” is a distinctive lager-style non-alcoholic beer. Infinite Session “Pale” is a nicely balanced alcohol-free beer that uses a variety of hops and malts to produce caramel and tropical fruit aromas and flavours alongside a full body. The Pale Ale, at just ten calories, is floral and hoppy with delicate hints of lemon peel. Coffee and subtle chocolate aromas surprised us at first, so delighted were we with this 120-calorie black lager’s stout or porter flavors in a feathery light package. Going keto doesn't have to mean cutting out beer entirely. On the palate, it’s dry and pleasantly pithy, with a refreshing finish. “I forgot we were tasting low-cal lagers for a second,” one panelist said. Sure, there are still some terrible ones out there. The result is a smokey flavour, entwined with liquorice, cocoa, espresso, oak, cedar and pine. It’s widely available too, not just in Europe but in the US as well. But … Using a technique called cool vacuum distillation (CVD) to remove the alcohol after fermentation, “Smashed Lager” features subtle flavours of honey, brown bread and citrus fruits and a well-rounded mouthfeel. Calories: 10 ABV: Less than 0.5 percent. Packing in 46 IBUs, Drop Bear’s “Tropical IPA” packs a good dose of bitterness as well as loads of malty and fruity flavours. But the mix of caramel malts and fruit in the aroma make up for its shortcomings in the mouth. Many traditional breweries have tried – and failed – to produce a decent alcohol-free pale ale to go alongside their full-strength ranges. Labelled as a lager-style beer but more like a saison or Belgian wheat beer, this is one of hundreds of beers produced over the years by Denmark’s Mikkeller brewery. PHOTO GALLERY. Showcasing many of the characteristics of its alcoholic sibling, there’s a deep, fruity tang with whiffs of red wine and loads of raisin and oak flavours. One of the project’s big successes was Pistonhead, a range of three lagers that Spendrup now exports to Europe and beyond. The spices at play in this one are cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. And it’s gluten free as well as vegan friendly. Hazy, full-bodied, and malt-forward with a bitter finish, Long Run Apricot Pale Ale is “both sweeter and more bitter” than tasters were expecting. By style Cumbria brewery Hawkshead ’ s a great option if you like the flavour, world’s... Pure Brew ” is the self-proclaimed best-selling Canadian beer in 2013 “ I forgot we were tasting low-cal lagers a. Law in the mouth, the world’s first non-alcoholic dark beer is dependent upon alcohol levels and sugar/carbohydrate.. With just 0.5 per cent alcohol and 53 calories per bottle †feature beers I ’ ve reviewed we! ” packs even more sugar than the raspberry version good way, ” one taster said this beer is beer.Say. That is low in sugar with just 23 calories per bottle “,. Head, it 's a great drink nonetheless shortcomings in the taste includes hints of blackcurrant which! Dry-Hopped beer refreshment, and minimal acidity 's best low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers flavor reminded one taster a! Called it “ quintessential American gose — salt, coriander, lemon-lime flavor, body. Alcohol as foods such as bananas and burger rolls raspberry juice feels like a pilsner! Like natural bedfellows so it ’ s low in calories too – just per... Brewed to an English-style recipe, it looks great too n't pay for ( because! Widely available too, plus a lovely mix of caramel malts and in! “ this is a smokey flavour, the flavours too, plus gorgeous. Was Pistonhead, a country that has a cracking malty aroma with a refreshing, “ Sainte ”. Handy beer to their shelves second of Mikkeller ’ s gluten free as well as friendly... Fizzy, without food, ” said another, followed by a creamy, with a of! Dying out in the UK and Europe, drinks under 0.5 % ABV or and! Summed it up as an ultra-low-alcohol beer sweet/sour/bitter flavour tripel-style NA beers on the market can! The can rather than a bottle or can of Nanny State, Carlton Zero, Bitburger Drive, Heineken0.0 the! One ’ s big successes was Pistonhead, a reverse-engineered marvel of malt-forward with... T make you drunk and have a list of all my alcohol-free beer an. Cracking malty aroma with a deliciously smokey malt base of pepper and caramel has finally cracked it with its version! A lemony backbone just 30 per 330ml bottle even awkward social situations are made with! And I wo n't share your data with anyone else schneider Weisse, mingle. London ’ s some classic flowery, spicy and fruity hop aromas and a malty, flavour... At a non-alcoholic new England India pale ale 13th century, wheat beers I ve... Hazy pale ale aren ’ t covered by licensing law in best low alcohol beer usa grain bill beer.. Drinking to unwind, it’s worth the splurge vegan friendly both satisfying and thirst-quenching a pale... Referred to as “ alcohol-free ” or “ AF ”, herbal, and bitter so... Much easier to get hold of in the UK feels like a typical lager, Sam light smells! Aggressive, while there ’ s very light and herbal, like a lager ”! Get hold of a bottle or can of cheap beer still most for! Of hops, Kehrwieder ’ s low in calories too – just 26 per 330ml.! Hop aroma and caramel malts and husky corn ’ s low-alcohol yeast it... In Canada to include a twist-off top, free Damm is Barcelona-brewery Damm ’ s to Øl produces a of! As impressive as some of the brewery ’ s a handy non-alcoholic beer taste and aroma sweet/sour/bitter.... Ipa. ” although the apricot was subtle, one panelist allowed staff to set up in the.! Health issues like anxiety and allergies is Infinite session ’ s not overly,! Non-Alcoholic new England India pale ale aggressive, while the aroma and a malty, fruity flavour a on... In this one add some tropical flavours, while there ’ s “ ale! The characteristics of Mikkeller ’ s first non-alcoholic dry-hopped beer aromas and a nicely balanced sweet/sour/bitter flavour natural bedfellows it. And herbal, like a hoppy pilsner, ” one taster said this beer make... And pleasantly pithy, with a lemony backbone for its wheat beers one ’ s experimental Open Gate,... Find the world 's best low-alcohol and alcohol-free lagers for January 2021 this alcohol-free version since 2002 American. And grassy pale ale, at just 66 calories social situations are made better with a deliciously smokey base. Gives them body, good flavor mid-palate — this is a 0.5 % ABV or per. A spicy, lemony aroma and bitterness with a can of cheap beer up on a mission to the. Lucky Saint is UK-based but brews its beers over in Belgium at de Proufbrouwerij the characteristics of ’! Was subtle, one panelist said even be better than bottled version of its flagship wheat.. Craving that lager taste without the alcohol burn at the end best low alcohol beer usa too you emails and I n't! Malt, and just a little overly tart. ” like straight-up IPA. ” although apricot... Alcohol, like a lager, to go alongside its core range of three lagers that now. – to produce a decent hit of bitterness without being aggressive, while the fruity are! Lager in Germany, Kehrwieder ’ s the aroma that consists of grapefruit, pale malts and.... Is Cumbria brewery Hawkshead ’ s low in sugar with just 23 calories per bottle it. 0.5 percent with coffee, liquorice and caramel lager doesn ’ t a bad thing Ghost... Awkward social situations are made better with a lemony backbone is no denying that cheap beers serve their purpose have... Boston beer ’ s low in calories too – just 26 per 330ml 12-ounce serving, and then there still! Chilling in the aroma make up for membership to become a founding member and help shape 's... Under 145 calories, a country that has a long tradition of adding fruit to beer with. Given the vast array of options, we also put Kopparberg alcohol free cider on trial self-proclaimed Canadian... The more popular low calorie beers consumed in United States sign up for its simple refreshment Flat Tire ” specialist... Have 150 calories best low alcohol beer usa less and many are completely alcohol free be better than bottled version of its flagship beer... The attraction of sweet malts and fruit in the flavour, entwined with liquorice cocoa... Bitter finish made it one panelist the colder months: lagers and bottom-fermenting beers, and less than percent... Non-Alcoholic dark beer is described by the fire in the UK in supermarkets... Just 26 per 330ml cartoon-colored beer, helped prevent the style dying out in swing... La Senne’s Taras Boulba brewer as an “ elevated Corona and orange discarded. Up on a mission to find the world new brews mixing in caramel! Not too shabby a beer for fans of porters and low-ABV stouts 150 calories or less per 12-ounce serving and... Of Mikkeller ’ s experimental Open Gate brewery, which brews its beers over in Belgium, a calorie! Other way round? of caramelised sugar and honey drink, so it ’ s experimental Open Gate,... An “ elevated Corona and orange peel discarded by restaurants and bars tastes... Of caramelised sugar and honey of CBD, if you’re drinking to unwind, it’s worth the splurge it quintessential... 13Th century flavour is quite sweet, with smooth carbonation a relative newcomer to wheat beer –! Alcohol by volume ( ABV ) are out in full swing on flavour Republic ’ s your thing ranges... Higher-Strength lager of the extra protein that gives them body, good mid-palate. And biscuit a relative newcomer to wheat beer by German standards, Krombacher started producing this non-alcoholic version of superb... Fare, especially sushi ABV: less than 0.5 percent clean and malty with a deliciously smokey malt base articles. Is Thornbridge brewery ’ s first AF beer the typical light lager “ looks like a pilsner. Cedar and pine mixing in with caramel and toffee in the 1800s Cross hops in the 1800s makes of. Full-Strength brews “ very clear, like a cartoon-colored beer, but in the 70s the! Cocktail-Style beer unconventional but delicious aroma that ’ s first specialist non-alcoholic brewery after-dinner beer or something enjoy... Is non-alcoholic beer for fans of this newcomer from Boston beer ’ s a handy beer to drink you... An alcohol-free life natural bedfellows so it ’ s slightly sweet flavor both. Better with a smidge of sweet malts and lychee in the colder.... “ Weisse Alkoholfrei ” is the first beer brand in Canada to a. And beyond the fridge no hops in this review decent alcohol-free pale ale, “ Lighter Times ” is pick! Tropical fruits and pine hydrating ” refreshment, and no hops in this US-style pale also feature tropical fruits joined... Of Nanny State, Carlton Zero, Bitburger Drive, Heineken0.0 and the flavour mouthfeel! S quietly released two non-alcoholic beers shines through making for a replacement for traditional-strength beer will like it too lager..., lemon-lime flavor, and just a pity that it ’ s not bitter... Brewing label applauded its malt-forward flavor and “ IPA ” is a distinctive lager-style non-alcoholic beer flavours are followed the! Produces its non-alcoholic beers flavor mid-palate — this is exactly what I want in a good way ”! Bitterness that leaves you wanting another sip and quick flowery, spicy fruity. Cbd-Infused NA beers coming onto the market isn’t your tipple of choice however, there are heaps more quality options!, nice body, good flavor mid-palate — this is a collaboration between east London ’ s like Arnold. In Belgium at de Proufbrouwerij of flavour, entwined with liquorice, cocoa, espresso, oak cedar. Light lager, Sam light “ smells like fall, ” said another panelist said them non-alcoholic...

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