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One of the most innovative features of the P228 is the four-point safety system embedded in the gun. 50%. The P228 is plenty strong for the 9mm, but newer calibers were being introduced, such as the.40 S&W and the.357 Sig, which operate with higher pressures. As I mentioned, back in 1988, Sig introduced the P228 as a shorter, more compact version of the famed P226. The consistency and durability of this gun have to be experienced to be fully understood – the P228 is just as tight and smooth on your thousandth shot as it is on your first. The SIG P228 is notorious for being one of the most reliable guns in history – and given that this gun acts as the only line of defense that many private citizens have between themselves and danger, reliability is absolutely critical. Sale A counter to the trendy .40 cal handguns, the P228 is ideal for both private concealed carry purposes, as well as home defense purposes. As one of the more popular handguns available, and having been produced by a name brand, there are a large number of options available when it comes to accessorizing and customizing your SIG P228. At this time, Mec-Gar is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Sig. The civilian P228 is a little bit more balanced than the SIG Sauer P229, and even though I didn’t notice that big of a difference when handling them, I trust what many others before have said. The P228 has since been discontinued and replaced by the P229, which is a stronger version of the P228. The SIG Sauer M11-A1 is commercially available and comes in this hardcase with three 15-round magazines. It simply goes like clockwork. It holds 13 rounds in the magazine, but will also accept the 15 and 20-round P226 magazines. The trigger has been pulled thousands of times, which helps to smooth it up nicely. However, with that being said, the P228 is by and large considered one of the more ergonomic weapons ever built. For Glock it’s the 19. And has earned a reputation for the durability and reliability you’d expect from a service pistol. Finally, the slide notch is a measure of caution meant for when the gun is cycling – it makes sure that the firing pin is separated from the cartridge. Problems with Sigs are extremely rare, and their reputation for ridiculous reliability is well earned. Both times, the ammunition was Federal 185-grain JHP, which the manufacturer used to mark on the box as “Match Hollow Point.” pistols built on very small frames. Model: M11-A1, M17, M18, MK25, P226, P227, P228, P229, P250, P320, P365, P365XL, SP2022, X-Five, X5, X6 $29.99, Sale Photo by Katie Davis. Which is not to say it was a bad gun, it just wasn't ideal for me. $19.99, Sale Until recently, it was also a favorite of SWCC (Special Warfare Combat Crewmen) units, who work closely with the Navy SEALs. Recoil with the P228 is fairly light, and the sights return to the target quickly, facilitating fast follow-up shots, which is exactly as it should be. © 2017 GunMag Warehouse. Unlike older SIG Sauer pistols with sharp checkering on a plastic that often cracked, the P228 was given grip panels made of modern polymer and given molded stippling. $3.99, Sale Accuracy is very good, as expected from a Sig. He was involved in many violent encounters on duty, including incidents of fatalities. How did my well-used P228 stack up? The inspiration for the Sig Sauer P238 is a gun everyone is familiar with, the Colt 1911. Photo by Katie Davis. I used reduced size B-27 targets, as full-size targets were not available at the time. Hogue Rubber Grip Panels Sig Sauer P228/229 $ 23.96. I knew it wasn’t me. Recall the Sig Sauer P220, Sig Sauer's semi-automatic that became the yardstick for measuring design and performance of other pistols. Springfield Hellcat | A Micro Workhorse - Tactical News Online, Convert Your AR-15 Into A Glock Mag Fed Pistol Caliber Carbine With Stern Defense MAG-AD9, My Uzi Weighs a Ton: A Cigar-and-Gun Pairing Guide. Technically speaking, P238 is a pioneer in that regard.If you ever loved the iconic 1911, you will absolutely fall in love with P238 as well. In the early 2000s, Sig did some runs of the P228, but I’m not aware of any that have been done in recent times. A counter to the trendy .40 cal handguns, the P228 is ideal for both private concealed carry purposes, as well as home defense purposes. The frame is made from aluminum alloy, and the overall weight is 26.1 ounces unloaded. All in all, the SIG Sauer P228 is one of the more effective, consistent, and reliable 9mm handguns that you can find. Safety is the most important topic that there is when it comes to gun ownership, and as such this is a major selling point for the P228. This is why it’s still the preferred choice for many … He served on the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT), several of those years as a sniper, and also the Fire Emergency Response Team (FERT). October 01, 2014 By Patrick Sweeney. The SIG Sauer M11 and M11-A1 use very similar grip panels. Sig Sauer’s pistols follow a similar pattern for the most part with one exception, the Models P230 and P232. In the case of the P226 you may already be familiar with its background but for the uninitiated, this might prove interesting. The P228 holds 13 rounds – nearly twice as many as the widely-used SIG 1911 – and there are a number of extended mag options available for owners interested in greater capacity. But it’s a P228! I just put the sights where I want it to hit, and the pistol seems to kind of fire itself. The barrel is 3.9 inches long. The military adopted the P228 and designated it the M11. Read all about it here in our SIG Sauer P228 Review! As I said, it was like an old friend coming home. Terry V on SIG Sauer P220. The double-action is super smooth, and the single-action breaks very nicely. For a long time, I regretted getting rid of them and wished to add another one to my stable. Pingback: Springfield Hellcat | A Micro Workhorse - Tactical News Online(). And for Sig Sauer, it’s their P226. I picked up a spare 15-rounder that is made by Mec-Gar, and it is very nicely made, and came packaged in Sig factory packaging. Glock, Sig, S&W, and every other manufacturer now have a myriad of compact pistols available. Update on my jammomatic Sig Sauer P220ST: I sent it back to Sig for some gunsmithing. In other words, the P228 features the same DNA as the P226, but with some key changes and modifications. It’s so accurate and reliable that it’s boring! In the case of the P228 (as is always the case when it comes to handguns), your mileage may vary when it comes to feel and comfort of the gun – not all hands are the same size. If you’re looking for a quality holster, DeSantis makes excellent holsters that won’t break your checking account. They are also getting more functionality at the same time as well. Sig fans were sad to see the P228 discontinued, myself included. When the slide release is activated, the slide just seems to glide home with a “Whoosh!”. Microsoft Virtual Academy: Database Development, Top 10 Ways Niantic Can Improve Pokemon Go. After all, it’s Swiss and German-made, how could I go wrong? After buying the rights to the Colt Mustang, they made a few changes and then released it as the Sig P238 to the world. of Corrections for 16 ½ years as a corrections officer in the State Correctional Institute at Graterford and later at SCI Phoenix. From the factory, the holster offers a smooth, fast draw, which will no doubt improve over time. For Ruger it’s the Mk. They told me they replaced the spring and did their basic gunsmithing package. Back in the day, when the P228 was first introduced in 1988, it was considered to be fairly compact as far as service pistols were concerned. My P228 was once issued to a District Attorney’s officer down south, and so it is not a pristine specimen. It just works. You should be able to predict by now that I’ll plunge headfirst into firearms history. The P238 from SIG Sauer is a fine little firearm. All SIG guns incorporate this revolutionary four-point safety system, which has been heralded for its innovation as well as its effectiveness. The fit and finish is superb. Free FedEx Option* (7) Sig Sauer MPX 9mm 4.5\" PCB Brace 30+1 $ 2,649.00 (10) Sig Sauer P210 Standard 9mm 5\" Walnut Target Grip 8+1 210A9B ... Payment Options/Cancellation Fees Shipping & Returns State Restrictions Warranty Team Buds Recent Reviews Accessibility Policy. The firing pin safety is a mechanism which ensures that the firing pin doesn’t move unless the trigger is pulled – this acts as a drop safety (from any height), and works while the gun is loaded, ensuring a safe SIG experience. I’ve never heard someone who has been in a gun battle say, “Gosh, I wish I’d brought less ammo.”. But for me, the P226 is the greatest of them all. Unfortunately, they seem to be commanding serious prices on the secondary market these days. The result is an excellent carry gun with a killer DAO trigger that available initially in .40 and .357 SIG. As a gun that has been popularized by law enforcement and private citizens alike, the P228 is one of the jewels of the SIG gun line. The gun features both a double column grip and a double action trigger, both of which feel smooth and natural in hand – it’s hard to explain without holding the gun, but the weapon really molds into most hands nicely. Sig Sauer P226 Review Conclusion. I’d owned two prior to this current pistol, and had sold or traded them away years ago. Very nicely, thank you. Another handgun that is currently in active service with the U.S. military, yet goes relatively unmentioned and unappreciated, is the SIG SAUER M11 in 9 mm Luger, once known as the P228. The holster carries the pistol securely and keeps the P228 tucked into the body closely. The P228 first appeared in 1988 though it has since been succeeded by the equally-compact P229 series on the SIG-Sauer lines. In the same way that the SIG Sauer P225 pistol evolved from the P220, the SIG-Sauer P228 evolved from the P226. experience). For 25 years, he was a professional instructor, teaching topics including Defensive Tactics, Riot Control and Tactical Operations, Immediate Responder, and cognitive programs as an adjunct instructor at the DOC Training Academy. I bought the SIG-Sauer P228 because, looking back, I really know any better. SIG Sauer P220 Reviews How would you like to rate SIG Sauer P220? The SWCC guys liked it because they worked in cramped quarters on boats, while the SEALs used the P226 more often. Grips have shrunk drastically, with single stack magazines being the order of the day for many, which equates to thin grips. Photo by Katie Davis. $7.99. All three variants of the P228 are standard-issue for the US Naval Aviation forces, as well as several other units in the US Armed Forces. Like other SIG’s, this takes the place of a traditional safety switch, and does a more effective job than a safety switch could ever hope to. Finally, imagine a successor to the throne. Back in the 1970s the United States Air Force asked for better ammunition based on the belief changin… For H&K it’s the USP. The weapon is known under the designation of M11 in the US military inventory while its use is accordingly global through various other armies and police agencies. SIG SAUER P226 Review. I consider it to be one of the best combat handguns in the world. This is a review of the Sig Sauer P229 .40 S&W caliber pistol. If you are able to pick one up, I highly recommend doing so. Photo by Katie Davis. Review: SIG P224 The SIG P224 is essentially a P226 that's been chopped down. Made in Germany, the P228 has been utilized by both military personnel and civilians alike, and is one of the more acclaimed 9mm handguns in history. He was then promoted to the title of corrections counselor, where he ran a caseload and facilitated cognitive therapy classes to inmates. $19.95, Special Price Any kind of weapon that is versatile and effective enough to have been made a mainstay of bot… It is the base model DA/SA prior to the accessory rail being added and with the older style grip (which I have replaced with a Crimson Trace laser grip). She shoots great now! Post. The smoothness of the slide has always been something that I marvel at with the P228. The P226 by Sig Sauer was designed for the military. All Rights Reserved. The SIG P228 comes in more than one variant. Whenever I think of these companies an image of these firearms pops into my mind. If you were to cruise the Internet for even a little while, you'll find that Navy SEALs not only swim in … $15.99, Sale That’s it. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hogue SIG Sauer P228 - P229 Checkered G10 - Black at Until then, the company facilities were in Virginia. Like all Sig pistols the Sig Sauer P229 is part of a series of high quality, dependable, durable and accurate pistols. The P228, a small, 9mm handgun, is SIG Sauer’s way of fighting back against the trendy .40 caliber handguns – and for a 9mm weapon, the P228 packs quite a punch. Recently, I had a chance to acquire a Sig P228. Sig Sauer P226 Review Home > Reviews > Sig Sauer Reviews. Everything was in the 1.5- to 2-inch range from the bench while firing from single action. The Biggest Trend in the Beauty Industry You’ve Never Heard About. Featuring minimal kick that makes for a smooth shooting experience, this SIG model, on average, is bested only by the larger (and therefore expectedly more accurate) P226 model and predecessor. Most importantly, the gun is an excellent concealed carry option – its small size makes it easily concealed but manages to not compromise on comfort. It’s still used by military and police forces throughout the world. The slide is made from stamped carbon steel with a pinned breech block. As a gun that has been popularized by law enforcement and private citizens alike, the P228 is one of the jewels of the SIG gun line. Due to Germany’s pressing need for every last handgun they could get their hands on in the Second World War, Sauer would produce the 38H until the factory was captured by the Allies in 1945. The P228 has been an integral piece of kit for more agencies and units than an article can cover. Unless you’re like me, and you’re able to entice a friend to trade his to you. Every firearms manufacturer has their signature handgun. There are aftermarket grips available, but for me, the factory version works just fine and seems to fit both large and small hands equally well. I'll talk about that more later. In summary, the Sig P228 is boring. You may notice that there is an ongoing trend of making the guns smaller. There are no tricky parts to this procedure. This system breaks down as follows into four parts: There is the de-cocker, which allows for lowering of the hammer regardless of whether or not a round is chambered, and the safety notch, which also helps to separate the hammer from the pin. I have twice put five rounds from a P220 into one inch at 25 yards. There are thousands of reviews of Sig Sauer handguns online, and what you never see is a review complaining that one of these guns failed. The best way to think of the Sig P229 Legion is to envision what a serious shooter might have a custom gunsmith do to their new P229 to make it the ideal carry gun. No, I couldn’t cover the groups with a silver dollar, but I wasn’t concerned with such niceties; I wanted to hit the kill zone as quickly as I could, and for that, the Sig delivered perfectly. In my opinion, a boring firearm is the best kind because it doesn’t require constant coddling. And the P228’s history makes it a real classic. The magazines are well made of solid steel and drop free when released. One nice thing is that magazines are available in plentiful quantities. It’s an excellent holster. Operation – Semiautomatic, mechanically locked, recoil operated, Trigger – Double-action/single-action, or double-action only, Safety – Patented automatic firing-pin lock. The worth of Sig P229 pistol can be judged by their official use by the Navy Seals, the United States Coast Guard, and recently, Homeland Security. After shooting a good deal of Sig Sauer’s Elite V-Crown 124-grain JHP through it, the P229 Legion proved to be the most accurate, however, with a 25-yard group measuring at around 1.25 inches. Further recall the remains of its rhythm 'point, shoot, and repeat'. Jim Davis served in the PA Dept. What struck me, though, is that the P228 now seems to be a very large pistol! The result of rapid fire from 25 yards on a reduced size target. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … After heavy use and hundreds of rounds fired, the gun works just as well as it did on day one – the accuracy and firing power of the gun do not suffer at all, despite the wear and tear on the weapon. Dermarolling Explained: How Dermarolling Can Save Your Skin! $39.99, Special Price Gunmag Premium Vintage Tri-Blend Logo T-Shirt, X-Grip Glock 42 .380 ACP Magazine Grip Adapter, X-Grip 1911 COMPACT Officer, .45 ACP/ 9mm 7/8-Round Magazine Grip Adapter, ETS Glock 9mm, 170mm Competition Mag 27-Round Magazine, Cadillac Carry: The Sig Sauer P226 Single Action Only Elite. The M11-A1 Desert features slides and frames that are ‘dark earth’ colored, and the M11-A1 Threaded Barrel features a 4.4-inch threaded barrel, as opposed to the standard issue 3.9-inch barrel – this is a great feature for attachments to the barrel, such as suppressors. Specs on the standard model follow: In addition to a choice of three different chamberings, you may choose either plain fixed or night sights, conventional DA/SA action or a double action only version called DAK, and a wide variety of finishes, including stainless, flat dark earth and two-tone. In fact, the P229 was the first handgun that could chamber the .357 SIG round. The overall length is 7.1 inches, height is 5.4 inches, and the width is 1.5 inches. I’m quite pleased with my choice! SIG P227 .45 ACP Review It looks like the P226, but the SIG P227 chambered in .45 ACP has a much bigger bite. With the ability to shoot .45 caliber bullets, the Colt was a favorite for over 100 years and then a company called Sig Sauercame along and decided to design a scaled down version of the 1911. Most models have a standard Picatinny rai… I like to keep a 13-round magazine in the pistol, while carrying one or two spare 15-round mags for backup. Positive: 135 Mixed: 8 Negative: 2 Terry V. Sep 28, 2019. From extended mags, to threaded barrels, to different kinds of sights, the SIG experience can be made even more user friendly than the stock model already provides – an important factor for gun hobbyists and enthusiasts. All in all, the SIG Sauer P228 is one of the more effective, consistent, and reliable 9mm handguns that you can find. The Sig P23… The current SIG Sauer cataloglists 10 variations of the basic P229. © 2021 GunMag Warehouse. But the auction listing for this gun was titled “SIG Sauer Sig/Sauer P229 40 Cal made in germany. The P228 does not come with a frame rail, nor does it have a square trigger guard. Which got me to thinking that we are spoiled in that we now have There is holster wear, it was most likely dropped a time or three, and the mag well shows evidence of many speed reloads in the tiny nicks that these things cause. The texture also offers a positive purchase, even if the shooter’s hands are wet. The firing pin safety is particularly important in smaller caliber weapons like this which are likely to be concealed and may need to be accessed quickly and in an unorthodox manner. The fact that the P226 magazine hangs out of the mag well of the P228 slightly will not bother me in the least. The SIG-Sauer pistols are famous for accuracy across the board, but the P220 may be the most accurate of them all. The old Sauer 38H was a blowback pistol intended to compete with the Walther PPKand Mauser HSC handguns. Other units who used the P228 included the US Secret Service, Army CID (Criminal Investigations Division), Air Force OSI (Office of Special Investigations), BATF, FBI, and police departments that are too numerous to mention. Thin is most definitely in! To carry the pistol, I selected the DeSantis Mini-Slide holster. III. I fired out to 25 yards and kept the pace fairly rapid. As a result, Sig decided to go with a one-piece milled stainless steel slide in the P229, which better withstands the higher-pressure rounds. The P228 is plenty strong for the 9mm, but newer calibers were being introduced, such as the .40 S&W and the .357 Sig, which operate with higher pressures. The Sig P232 draws it’s lineage from the older P-230, which in itself comes from the Sauer 38H. I put 150 rounds through her last week without a hitch and damn, my groups were good. I figure if it hits the fan, having mags with more capacity is a Good Thing. It is recoil-operated and fires double-action/single-action (DA/SA), with a double-action pull around 12 pounds and a single-action pull of 4.5 pounds. This is a very nice offering from Sig. To reassemble, the procedure is reversed. Conclusion. This particular gun is my primary self-defense weapon and mine is an older model that I have owned for many years now. Thanks for checking out our SIG Sauer P228 Review – check back for more on all things guns here at EduMuch! Similar to the 1911, it is a single action, semi-auto pistol that features a slide r… Experienced gunmen will have no problem hitting their targets time and time again with the P228. As a result, Sig decided to go with a one-piece milled stainless steel slide in the P229, which better withstands the higher-pressure rounds. The trigger is also extremely smooth, and I’m sure that is, in part, due to the fact that this is a very well-used firearm. The DeSantis Mini Slide keeps the pistol in tight and works great! Our comparisons of the MP Sheild M2.0 vs Sig Sauer P928, the Sig P250 vs Sig P320, and the Sig Sauer P938 vs Kimber Micro 9 might also be an enjoyable read. The grip (factory original) is good, and fills the hand very well. The Health Benefits Of Honey Explained: Honey For Health! Local law enforcement agencies, as well as the FBI, have been gradually phasing out their 9mm weapons in favor of flashier, .40 caliber guns for some time. It operates with sickening dependability and hits the target quickly and accurately. For me, the Sig requires minimal effort to fire. It appears that the P228 may not enter production again. And as you may have guessed it involves the military (because what uber-popular handgun doesn’t?). Basically, P238 is “1911 mi… 6 Top SIG P365 holster choices (and counting). Remove the slide, allowing the spring and guide rod to be removed, and then the barrel can be removed. This is a Sig Sauer P230 & P232 Handgun Review. In response to Mad Orgre's Challenge, I present a review of the first firearm I ever owned, a SIG-Sauer P228. Field stripping could not be easier with the P228. When I unboxed my “new” P228, it was like shaking hands with an old friend, a very familiar, satisfying feeling. All Rights Reserved. It was also the first handgun to be manufactured in SIG’s Exeter, New Hampshire location. For the purposes of private citizens whose primary concern is concealed carrying and self-defense, however, a 9mm weapon is still most likely going to be your best bet – especially if we’re talking about carrying the excellent SIG-Sauer P228. Sig Sauer P229 Review. $4.99, Special Price Navy EOD operators shooting the P228 (WIkipedia) As Naval Special Warfare transitions to the Glock 19, it is important to pay tribute to the legendary Sig Sauer P228. Additionally, the safety features that the weapon boasts ensure safe concealment and retrieval every time. If so, check out our Sig Saur 938 review, our Sig Sauer P226 review, our Sig P250 review. A more compact take on the company's P226 double-stack 9mm, Sig Sauer introduced the smaller P228 in 1990 and it soon became a classic "fed gun.". The Sig P228 handles like a dream. Sig Sauer is launching a new line of guns and gear that they call “Legion.” The Sig team describes the Legion series as gear that a Navy SEAL might carry when off duty. Naturally, no stoppages or problems were encountered during range time. The other most reliable brands seem to be Glock, H&K, and the Springfield Armory XD series (in my The small size of the gun makes it an ideal candidate for concealed carrying, but the gun is also renowned for its firepower and reliability. I’ve been to a number of trainings and shooting schools, and Sig is one of the brands that we very rarely see any problems with.

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